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Built around the philosophy of relationship-building, FI Works provides constant, consistent, relevant, and personalized communication with your customers. Creating this dialog with your customers allows us to identify and meet their banking needs and also fully engage them in the relationship.

We divide our process into four stages:

Find and Win New Customers

Today there are more opportunities than ever to grow your bank. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, it is vital that you understand what type of customer you are trying to attract in order to target the right prospects. This requires an understanding of how individual customer segments generate profit, what products they buy, and what characteristics predict profitability. With this information you can be much more specific about the type of prospects you want and what combinations of products and services will make that prospect profitable.

Our solution not only increases the response rates of campaigns, it also decreases overall marketing expenses. The prospects that are converted will also contribute more profit to your bottom line.


  • Find and convert prospects that look like your best customers
  • Gain customers that will drive more profit and have lower attrition risk
  • Get higher response rates than typical direct mail efforts at a lower cost
  • Determine which premiums and promotions are working

Engage New Customers

Once you have acquired a new customer, you need to make sure that you make the most of this one-time opportunity. Whether you’re talking about new customers, new accounts, or new customers from acquisitions, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Study after study has shown that the value of these relationships is often set during the first part of the customer life-cycle.

Our solution includes onboarding campaigns that cross multiple channels and includes welcome letters, brochures, surveys, needs assessments, and cross-sell offers as well as data-driven and event-triggered campaigns. At FI Works we have a long track-record of implementing successful onboarding campaigns for our clients.


  • Increase cross-selling and up-selling
  • Dramatically increase retention of new customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction with personalized contacts
  • Get feedback from your new customers

Grow & Retain Relationships

A Gallup Retail Banking Industry Survey said that banks need to do a better job of helping their customers see the value in what they provide. Customers who don’t believe their bank offers added value perceive no differential advantage for their bank over the bank across the street. That means higher attrition rates and lost revenue.

Gallup data also shows that customers who are fully engaged bring 37 percent more annual revenue to their primary bank than disengaged customers. They have more products with their bank and also higher deposit balances than less engaged customers with the same products.

Too often, however, sales efforts focus on pushing for sales and referrals at the expense of your customer relationship. FI Works leverages sophisticated analytics so you can understand what products and services the customer wants, needs, and will use. Our solution uses this insight to create pertinent product and service offers and drives branch behavior by measuring business outcome instead of sales activity.


  • Build deeper relationships with customers
  • Leverage your branch network to reach out to customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction with personalized contacts
  • Set up and execute highly targeted campaigns to increase cross sales
  • Dramatically increase acceptance and usage rates

Win Back Customers

No one has 100% retention. That will always be a reality. Our analysis will show how many customers are leaving, and you can view that insight over time and by region, by branch, by product, and more. Our profitability analysis will also identify which of those lost customers and accounts were profitable.

Win Back campaigns combined with multi-channel targeting will help you win back those relationships and lower your attrition rate. One popular option with our clients is to use our advanced platform to automatically generate alerts when customers close and distribute them to the branches for follow-up by phone.


  • Understand why your customers are leaving
  • Find customers who have left for controllable reasons

  • Target profitable customers with win-back offers

As one of the most efficient banks in the country, we count on technology to analyze data and provide us with efficient reporting and sales tools. FI Works works exceedingly well for us.Bank of the Ozarks
Susan Blair, EVP, Bank of the Ozarks, FI Works customer for 10 years. Recognized as the top performing bank in the United States, based on financial performance, seven years in a row.

Acquisition Case Study


Our client needed to find new sources of deposits to grow their loan portfolio. Their previous attempts used print and broadcast media.


Using predictive analytics, FI Works analyzed their current customer base to find the prospects that looked like their best deposit customers. We targeted those prospects using direct mail.


$50 million in new deposit accounts!

New Deposits

Onboarding Case Study


Our client was suffering from high attrition rates on new deposit accounts. They needed to do a better job engaging their new customers to deepen the relationship and increase satisfaction.


FI Works designed and implemented a 6 stage on-boarding program in less than 2 months. It was driven by branch bankers to build better relationships with complete tracking of on-boarding actions to enforce accountability.


Average attrition rates on new accounts dropped by 23%.

Decreased Attrition Rate

Cross-Sell Case Study


Our client needed to deepen relationships with their customers.


FI Works identified and sent targeted offers based on their customers’ needs.


$20 million in new deposit accounts.

New Deposits

Win Back Case Study


Our client was focused on customer service, yet many accounts were being closed with no understanding of the reason.


We implemented a automated campaign, executed daily, to generate alerts and enforce bankers to record the reason that the customer closed the account.


Detailed tracking of attrition data was achieved, including lost counts per competing institution, and 1,600 accounts were retained with a 1.45% win back rate.

Accounts Retained

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