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Banking Statistics

  • Customer attrition rates among retail banks average 15% per year.
  • Each point of attrition represents up to 1-2% of net income loss.
  • Customer attrition within the first three to six months of new checking account relationships can be up to 200% higher than annualized attrition rates.
  • The average customer has only 25% of their wallet share with a single institution.
  • Average customer contribution is $300 per year.
  • 20% of accounts contribute profits equaling 200% of the overall return, while up to half of the accounts generate losses.
  • Acquisition costs for new retail banking customers average about $200 per customer.

Data Quality Statistics

  • The average bank has approximately 500 million data elements per $1 billion in assets.
  • 2.5 – 3.4 % of a bank’s data decays each month.
  • 40% of keyed customer data has errors.
  • 1 in 6 or 43 million people move every year and 15% leave no new address.
  • 1.5 million new addresses are added every year.
  • Up to 25% of data in an average bank’s CIF/CIS is incorrect.
  • Over half of CRM projects fail because of data quality problems.

Sources: Tower Group, Bank Administration Institute, Gartner Group, FDIC, USPS