“FI Works was founded on a disruptive idea – to make customer data intelligence easier to access and actionable for both sales and marketing to help community banks compete more effectively against the HUGE banks.”

My professional background…

I have spent more than 35 years of my career building and delivering pioneering products for the financial services industry. Before founding FI Works, I was the CTO of Acxiom Corporation’s database marketing business where I worked with some of the largest financial institutions in the country.

Over the years, I’ve worked with institutions that made huge dollar investments for data and analytical services to understand their own customers and market potential. The reason they were willing to make such a big investment is because the payoff is huge when your marketing campaigns and sales efforts are fueled with advanced data analytics. The ability for the large, industry leading institutions to spend these types of dollars is one of their biggest competitive advantages.

FI Works founder and CEO, Keith Henkel

Which leads me to the genesis for my idea for FI Works…

I knew that if community banks had the data analytics and productivity tools available to them that some of the big banks have, it would be of huge value. My vision was to build affordable technology that automated much of what we did over and over again. And, if we combined our smart technology with services that offered our banking and data analytics expertise – we could fill a genuine gap in the industry. We could actually help level the playing field for community financial institutions that compete against the gorillas. FI Works would be a game-changer!

So that is what we did. We built FI Works on the foundation of conquering the biggest hurdles to smart sales and marketing for financial institutions. We built FI Works focused on the 3 biggest hurdles every bank faces:

  1. Solving the Data Dilemma
  2. Making Intelligent Targeting Easy
  3. Driving High-performance Behavior (both for sales and marketing)

If I didn’t mention it, our software platform and overall solution is only for banks and credit unions. A lot of financial institution functionality is built-in – so there is not much setup effort on your part at the front end to implement. We also put skin in the game by doing most of the work for you. You get a dedicated account representative, not just for implementation, but also works with your team on a day-to-day basis.

I know it sounds too good to believe, but we’ve proven the value great technology combined with personal attention delivers working with some of the highest performing banks in the country. We’re up for the challenge to prove to you the measurable results your institution can realize.

“Sales and marketing you can bank on.” A tagline we live up to every day.


Keith Henkel,
CEO and Founder