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We can help you get a campaign up and running in just a few hours. Ready to see numbers like these?

Customer Onboarding

23% Attrition Drop

$400,000 Increase in Annual Profit
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Internet Banking

25% Response Rate

Improved retention through sticky services
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Debit Card Cross Sell

70% Debit Card Penetration

$700,000 in new annual revenue
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You’re in good company

“FI Worksdata solution helped our bank to gain more knowledge about our customers which has allowed us to create better targeted marketing campaigns. All of that information is then accessible in their streamlined CRM solution that all our employees can use. The FI Works team are responsive to both our questions and our suggestions to help make the product even better!” 

“We are excited by the many possibilities that FI Works has to offer. Their unique platform combines the best of a MCIF with a CRM. Their user-friendly interface offers reporting systems that show useful insights about our organization and current customers, which allow for better targeted marketing campaigns. Those marketing efforts can not only be easily tracked but are complimented with the CRM functionality for our frontline employees. Overall, FI Works will help us grow mutually beneficial relationships in the communities we serve.” 

“FI Works is a powerful tool that allows our bankers to deepen relationships with our most valued clients and build relationships with many of our top prospective clients. The platform itself is easy to use, provides a number of informative management reports, allows for real-time campaign management and tracking and assists in keeping our bankers focused on high value activities. Moreover, the FI Works team provides invaluable service and support and has been a trusted advisor along the way.” 

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FI Works gives sales and marketing a full picture of their best opportunities and produces results you can see – all at a fraction of the cost of other systems. 

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