University Credit Union Implements FI Works Customer Data Platform

LITTLE ROCK, AR–(September 14, 2023) FI Works, a leading provider of data analytics, marketing and sales solutions for community banks and credit unions, announced today that University Credit Union, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, has implemented the FI Works Customer Data Platform to elevate data-driven decision making, revolutionize personalization, leverage AI capabilities, and to build and foster long-term financial wellbeing for their member-owners.

University Credit Union will leverage the FI Works Customer Data Platform, to integrate data from multiple sources—including core systems, digital banking, payments, credit cards, trust, and outside lead and marketing lists. The centralized data drives predictive analytics, intelligent targeting, and marketing automation to reach the right customer with the right product and message at the right time.

David Tuyo, President and CEO of University Credit Union stated, “Our decision to implement FI Works Customer Data Platform is driven by our strategic vision to provide all our member-owners and the university community with a financial advantage. With this platform’s robust capabilities, we can harness valuable insights from our member data and leverage AI capabilities that enable us to craft highly personalized and relevant solutions for our member-owners. By investing in advanced technology, we reaffirm our dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation and further strengthening our bond with our member-owners, fostering lasting relationships built on trust and mutual success.”

“We are thrilled University Credit Union has placed its trust in FI Works,” said Keith Henkel, FI Works CEO. “UCU is steadfast in its commitment to better serve its members and employees, and we are confident our platform will help them achieve their goals.”

About FI Works

FI Works® provides a complete sales and marketing software solution for financial institutions. It includes advanced predictive modeling of extensive customer, market, and prospect data to drive smarter campaigns that target customers with the greatest propensity to buy. No other solution provides this kind of intelligent targeting that fills front-line work queues with leads that drive such a high success rate. Bankers love FI Works because the easy-to-use workflows, scorecards, and dashboards show them exactly what to work on every day to grow revenue and customer relationships while tracking their performance against goals.

About University Credit Union

University Credit Union, a federally insured financial cooperative, was founded in 1951 on UCLA’s campus by faculty and staff. Serving more than 50,000 members, UCU has become a leading credit union in the United States. UCU is guided by a board of directors, comprised only of faculty, staff and alumni of the university community. UCU’s core purpose is to give members a financial advantage in life, and with their promise to advocate, educate and innovate, UCU is an industry-leading financial partner to university communities.