Finally a sales and marketing solution built for financial institutions.

FI Works is an integrated sales and marketing software platform built to work specifically for community financial institutions. We also provide a dedicated person to help drive results-measured activity. The proof is in the numbers – these customer case studies show real results.

A complete platform that caters to both
sales and marketing.


fi works complete sales and marketing platform

What makes FI Works different?

We’ve made the hard stuff easy.

Compared to a typical CRM system we provide a software platform that drives action and results through these unique capabilities:

The critical ways financial institutions use FI Works.

These are high-level sales and marketing objectives we help achieve.

Find and Win New Bank Customers

Find & Win New Customers

Onboard and Engage Bank Customers

Onboard & Engage Customers

Expand Banking Customer Relationships

Expand Customer Relationships

Personalize Communications

Personalize Communications

Reduce Bank Attribution

Reduce Attrition

Grow Bank Market Share

Grow Market Share

Win Back Bank Customers

Win Back Customers

Improve Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience

Why is a solution built for both sales and marketing so crucial?

Because it’s the only way you get real results.

Do your frontline employees say marketing isn’t doing anything to help them? They might be right.

Is your marketing team frustrated because they lack the information or tools to execute truly “needs-based” campaigns to feed your employees with real leads?

Are your retail executives and frontline managers frustrated because they don’t feel they have control over performing against their goals?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions – FI Works is the answer. These challenges are the foundation of the FI Works software platform and services. We’ll solve these problems for you and it will take little time and effort on your part. If this rings true to you – give us a call.

What gets measured gets done but most measurement programs are hindered by the lack of accurate, timely data. FI Works eliminates these blind spots.”

Keith Henkel, CEO & Founder, FI Works