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Data Analytics

Our data product solves your data problem first – that’s why it’s included in all other plans.

Data Sources

Data management is similar to an automated factory – raw materials come in the front door and finished products go out the back. We integrate data multiple sources including core systems, digital banking, payments, credit cards, trust, and outside lead and marketing lists.

We pull data from these sources to give you ta 360-degree view of your customers and your institution:

FI Works Data Sources
… and more!


We thoroughly clean and standardize the data.



We group customer records to merge duplicates and create households.



We calculate many new metrics like profitability and key performance indicators


Automation & Audit

Data can get messy – so we audit it daily for completeness, consistency, and correctness.  

Data Repository

Fresh, clean data available daily. Multiple years of history, tracked over time. 

The Three C’s of Data Quality

We want to assure you that we go through lots to get your data where it needs to be. That’s why we make sure it is clean, consistent, and correct. 


See profitability and drill into the details across different levels the way you want to see it. 

  • Calculate the profitability of different products down to the account level and by balance ranges.
  • Funds Transfer pricing
  • Cost allocation


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Our scorecard management system is a fast and easy way to look at important metrics and communicate strategic objectives to your whole team.

  • Customizable to each branch, department, and area of your institution.
  • Provides executives, managers, and employees timely and relevant information to measure, monitor, and manage progress toward achieving goals


FI Works dashboards provide guided analysis of a specific business area. You can move rapidly from one view of data to the next so you always know how you’re performing. They help you see and understand what is working well and what needs to be improved

  • Our 70+ dashboards include maps, charts, tables, filtering, drill down, and drill to. 
  • Dashboards span across multiple topics like customers, deposits, checking, loans, profitability, pipeline, sales, and more!
  • Easily print and export any dashboard to easily share with your team.


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We do all the integration for you.

We do all the setup and management for you. Initial integration and setup takes as little as 4 weeks, and we help you every step of the way.

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You can trust us to keep your data secure.

Everything we do is based on customer data, which requires that we build our solutions with the utmost attention to information security as a thorough end-to-end part of what we do. Data is stored in a SSAE18 SOC 2 Type 2 secure data center. 

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We integrate with many different core systems like Jack Henry Silverlake, Fiserv Premier, Fidelity IBS, and more!

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Data is stored in a secure commercial data center with biometric security and redundancy. We perform yearly SOC audits and penetration tests to ensure customer data is as secure. 

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Data is processed and updated every business day. Every time you view a dashboard, that data is shown in real time. Most sources of data your institution provides us can be updated every single day, while others (like investment and trust) are updated monthly. 

Case Study

Data Volume & Quality

17 data sources

7 million records a day

6 years of history

6.5 billion records in data repository




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Data Analytics is the foundation of the FI Works Platform

High quality, integrated data is a valuable asset. You have to solve your data problem first – that’s why it’s included in all other plans.