What makes FI Works different?

There are lots of things that make FI Works different. But let’s start with how our technology makes the hard stuff easy for community financial institutions to execute high-impact sales and marketing with the same resources but much BIGGER results.

FI Works makes the hard stuff easy.

The 3 critical hurdles our software + services conquer for you.

We solve the data dilemma in banking.

We solve the data dilemma.

All financial institutions struggle with “silos of data” (across systems; core, trust, insurance, brokerage), duplicate data or bad data. We have automated most of the heavy lifting here to make it possible to integrate your data daily and make certain it is clean. The other piece of the puzzle is to source quality vs. quantity of prospecting data to run market expansion campaigns. We take care of it all for you.

We make intelligent targeting easy for bank sales and marketing

We make intelligent targeting easy.

The FI Works software platform performs advanced, predictive modeling routines and machine-learning techniques to answer the key business questions that should drive your sales and marketing campaigns.

Our solution can identify trends, patterns, look-alike analysis and more that will pinpoint customers or prospective households to target to reach each of your revenue growth goals. It’s also highly accurate in determining patterns that identify “at risk” customers and “why” they are at risk – so you’ll know what type of relationship-building initiatives can make a difference.

Analytics to Drive Intelligent Targeting

Starts with answering your business questions.

Intelligent Targeting starts with business questions

Want to see how FI Works can answer these questions for your financial institution?

We drive high-performance behavior.

We drive high-performance behavior.

Marketing and sales dollars are a waste if you don’t drive the right behavior and measure what’s working and what isn’t. These critical capabilities differentiate the FI Works solution. We’ll send your frontline employees a list of leads worth calling on. And management will see the direct response rates from the marketing campaign and the frontline sales/service outreach activities.

Below are some examples of the FI Works tools that drive high-performance behavior.

Campaign Results

Bank marketing campaign results from FI Works

Branch Scorecard

Banking branch scorecard by FI Works

Pipeline Analytics

Sales pipeline analytics for banking by FI Works