There are lots of things that make FI Works different. Our technology, service, and expertise makes the hard stuff easy for community financial institutions to execute high-impact sales and marketing with the same resources but much BIGGER results.

We made the hard stuff easy.

4 critical ways our software & services set us apart
High Touch Customer Service Gear

We provide high-touch service & expertise

You never have to talk to a machine to get help. We are with you and here to help every step of the way with our best advice and suggestions.

We solve the data dilemma.

we solve the data dilemma

Daily consolidation, cleansing of customer data from all your system silos, and integration with prospect lists.

We make intelligent targeting easy.

we make intelligent targeting easy

Predictive analytics engine identifies highly qualified targets for sales and retention campaigns.

We drive high-performance behavior.

we drive high-performance behavior

Targeted work queues, scorecards, and dashboards drive high-performance for marketing and front-line sales.

We provide high-touch service & expertise

What does high-touch actually mean? For us, it means you never have to talk to a robot to get some help, and we won’t implement our system and leave you to figure it out on your own. We want to ensure your success every step of the way because high-impact relationships, sales, and marketing is a game-changer for financial institutions.

We solve the data dilemma

All financial institutions struggle with “silos of data” (across systems; core, trust, insurance, brokerage), duplicate data or bad data. We believe that your data problems shouldn’t keep you from better sales, marketing, and relationships. 

We make intelligent targeting easy

FI Works includes advanced machine-learning technology to answer the key business questions that will drive your sales and marketing campaigns.

Our predictive analytics engine is a game changer. It applies advanced statistical and machine learning techniques (similar to Amazon, Netflix, Apple) to identify highly qualified targets for sales or retention campaigns. 

We drive high-performance behavior

Marketing and sales dollars are a waste if you don’t drive the right behavior and measure what’s working and what isn’t. These critical capabilities differentiate FI Works.

What people say

Lawanna Saxon, Signature Bank

“After exploring and trying a few different CRM platforms, we were very pleased to find one specifically designed for banks that is so simple to use and integrates well with our system. The FI Works team is incredibly responsive and have dedicated the time and attention needed to ensure we have a valuable client management system with extensive reporting and analysis capabilities.”

Mallory Vaughn, First Option Bank

“FI Works shows us useful insights about our organization and current customers and helps us grow mutually beneficial relationships in the communities we serve.”

Karen Burgess, First Community Bank & Trust

“FI Works’ data solution helped our bank to gain more knowledge about our customers which has allowed us to create better targeted marketing campaigns. All of that information is then accessible in their streamlined CRM solution that all our employees can use. The FI Works team are responsive to both our questions and our suggestions to help make the product even better!” 

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