FI Works Announces Strategic Partnership with Baker Hill

Baker Hill

LITTLE ROCK, AR–(AUGUST 22, 2023) FI Works, a leading provider of data analytics, marketing, and CRM software for community banks and credit unions, announced today it has entered into a strategic partnership with Carmel, Ind.-based Baker Hill, which will offer the FI Works Customer Data Platform to its client base of more than 400 banks and credit unions.

Through the partnership, Baker Hill client institutions will be able to leverage FI Works’ customer data platform, which pulls data from multiple sources—including core systems, digital banking, payments, credit cards, trust, and outside lead and marketing lists. The centralized data drives predictive analytics, intelligent targeting, and CRM to reach the right customer with the right product and message at the right time. The banks and credit unions will be able to track and monitor progress across the institution with advanced reporting tools so they can further optimize performance across all branches.

“Banks and credit unions are eager to easily access their data and make it actionable in sales and marketing so they can better compete with large financial institutions,” commented Keith Henkel, CEO and Founder of FI Works. “We are thrilled to help them do so through this relationship with Baker Hill. The synergy of our two companies will help propel these financial institutions in the marketplace and better serve their customers and members.”

About FI Works
FI Works® provides a complete sales and marketing software solution for financial institutions. It includes advanced predictive modeling of extensive customer, market, and prospect data to drive smarter campaigns that target customers with the greatest propensity to buy. No other solution provides this kind of intelligent targeting that fills front-line work queues with leads that drive such a high success rate. Our clients love FI Works because the easy-to-use workflows, scorecards, and dashboards show them exactly what to work on every day to grow revenue and relationships while tracking their performance against goals.

About Baker Hill
Baker Hill is in the business of evolving loan origination by combining expertise in technology with expertise in banking. Built on decades of walking alongside banks and credit unions as they provide vital resources to their communities, Baker Hill NextGen® is a configurable, single platform SaaS solution for commercial, small business, consumer loan origination, and risk management that grows along with you as your business needs change. Baker Hill is lending evolved. For more information, visit