Business Problem

Based on customer metrics, this $4.3 billion community bank knew it had a high number of single-service households. As a result the bank knew that there was great potential in getting new deposits within its own customer base.


Although “cross sell” has gotten a bad name in banking, FI Works suggested using a “look alike” campaign approach to responsibly cross sell into the bank’s current customers by only offering them products we knew they had a high probability of needing.

Often banks will do single product offerings multiple times a year for their cross sell efforts and sometimes customers just quit listening. FI Works suggested that the bank send out one direct mail piece that presented three different deposit products and offers. Each mailer would be customized to offer the three most desirable deposit products based on characteristics of the “product needs” of a household.

Campaign Details

The “needs based” deposit cross sell direct mail campaign and calling campaign were executed over eight weeks including follow-up calls. A very low-cost direct mailer was customized by varying the offers for each household, and by making multiple offers tripled the chances of hitting what a customer would want. Here’s how the campaign produced a 3,300 percent ROI:

We solve the data dilemma in banking.

Solving the Data Dilemma

Customer Data

The FI Works solution consolidates a bank’s customer data from all the different banking systems on a daily basis. This provides the ability to see a complete picture of all the banking products a customer has in a single place. It also provided the information we needed to perform the “look alike” analytics that drove this sophisticated cross sell approach.

Non-trivial List Development

Building the campaign list was not a trivial exercise. All of the content of each mailer would be completely variable (not just names and addresses) driven from the profiling characteristics the FI Works “look alike” analysis produced. The mailer was also customized to come directly from each of the bankers. As a result, FI Works developed a very complex, targeted mailing list that the printer used to print the customized pieces and the mail house used for sending it out. And since this campaign targeted the bank’s current customers, the list had to be right.

We make intelligent targeting easy for bank sales and marketing

Making Intelligent Targeting Easy

Predictive Profiling

Using the FI Works platform’s advanced statistical and machine learning techniques, all the products the bank’s customers had were analyzed based on hundreds of dimensions to find patterns and trends. The results predicted the probability that a customer would want each product they didn’t have. The top three scores determined the product offerings that would be showcased in each customer’s mail piece.

We drive high-performance behavior.

Driving High-performance Behavior

“Needs Based” Lead Lists

The FI Works system produced a work queue of the 25 highest priority sales opportunities for each banker to execute, each of the households receiving a mailer with their name on it. The banker’s job was to call each customer and discuss the product offers they received.

Campaign Dashboard Monitors Results

The bank’s FI Works account representative set up a dashboard to track the cross-sell campaign which tracked each banker’s calling activity and new account results from their priority opportunities. The dashboard also provided a complete view of the campaign including every customer in the mailing, response rate in terms of new accounts for households in the campaign, and new deposit balance results.

Visibility Creates Good Behavior

Both frontline bankers and the branch management had complete visibility of the mailer’s performance and the calling components of the campaign. In the first wave of the campaign there was a delta in the banker call activity. However, the positive response from the customers and the growth in deposits made bankers anxious to know when the next campaign would start.



$25 million in new deposit accounts

8 week campaign

1 3-offer mailer

3,300% ROI