Business Problem

This community bank wanted to increase debit card interchange revenue by improving debit card penetration and usage.


FI Works scorecards showed that only 50.6% of active checking accounts had debit cards. This uncovered a significant opportunity to increase debit card interchange income. FI Works collaborated with the bank and their marketing consultants to create campaigns to target customers with low or no usage of debit cards.

Campaign Details

The strategy called for a multi-channel approach using email, direct mail, and personal phone calls from branch bankers. Email and print campaigns were used to get the message in front of all targeted customers. The calling campaign generated sales opporutunites for individual bankers for the top targeted customers.

We solve the data dilemma in banking.

Solving the Data Dilemma

Customer Data

The FI Works solution consolidates the bank’s customer data from all the different banking systems on a daily basis. This provided the ability to analyze all checking account customers to determine what our best targeting criteria would be and ultimately our best customers to call on.

We make intelligent targeting easy for bank sales and marketing

Making Intelligent Targeting Easy

Data Analytics

FI Works used data analytics to find the personal and business checking customers that were most likely to use a debit card using detailed transaction data. This list was then segmented for each campaign step to target the right customers with the right message for email and direct mail.

We drive high-performance behavior.

Driving High-performance Behavior

Push Sales Opportunities to the Frontline

FI Works used the same approach to target the customers that would generate the highest number of debit card transactions. This generated sales opportunties that were distributed to front-line staff for calling campaigns.

Campaign Dashboard Monitored Results

In addition to tracking the typical metrics for the debit card cross sell campaigns, FI Works also set up a dashboard to monitor debit card usage for the checking account owners targeted in this campaign over time. It’s this type of flexible analysis and visibility that helps banks focus its sales and marketing where it pays off.

The bank saw an increase of $7,500 per month after the campaigns where complete compared to the previous months.



$90,000 new annual revenue

2,000 targeted accounts