Business Problem

In 2010, when Reg E came into effect as part of Dodd-Frank, banks scrambled to implement new systems to manage the overdraft opt-in requirements. This bank wanted to make certain that customers who really needed overdraft protection were safeguarded, as well as protect the non-interest fees that this valuable service generated. Already a FI Works client, this high-performance community bank asked if there was anything the platform could do to help.


FI Works was able to define a specialized campaign to manage the opt-in process and meet the Reg E requirements. The Reg E opt-in campaign was set up in just a couple of days and was executed over just two weeks. A key to the success of this effort was using the FI Works platform to first target customers that use overdraft protection, and then to target customers that would benefit from the service.

Campaign Details

FI Works performed analysis to generate a list of priority customers for the frontline bankers to call. The system generated online task lists and tracked the bankers’ calling activities against the opt-in rates for the customers they contacted. The details of the campaign are outlined below:

We solve the data dilemma in banking.

Solving the Data Dilemma

Collecting Opt-in and Overdraft Data from the Cores

The FI Works software platform was already in place, so the process of consolidating customer data from the bank’s core systems was already happening on a daily basis. This made the overdraft and debit card information needed to run a targeted opt-in campaign available from the get go.

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Making Intelligent Targeting Easy

Prioritize Customers Who Use Overdraft Protection

Using its analytics engine, FI Works found all the people that were previously using overdraft protection on debit card transactions. For the first phase of the opt-in campaign, a task list of these individuals was generated for each banker to call. The bankers explained the value that overdraft protection on their account would provide, the fees involved, and described the opt-in process required by regulators. 

Target Customers Likely to Need Overdraft Protection

Next, the campaign targeted debit card customers that were previously overdrafting on their accounts. Bankers received a task list to contact these people and explain how this service would help protect them and what they needed to do to opt-in.

We drive high-performance behavior.

Driving High-performance Behavior

Dashboards Prove Campaign Attribution

The bank’s FI Works account representative set up a dashboard to track the opt-in campaign activity, opt-in rates that could be contributed to the banker’s outreach efforts, and how these results translated in the real dollar value for the bank.

Avoiding Lost Revenues & Generating New Revenues

Based on the customers that opted in over the two week campaign, the bank was able to quantify (in the millions of dollars) the service fee revenue that would be lost if these customers had not been contacted. The ability to act fast and feed bankers with the customers that would want to hear from them about the opt-in requirements paid off for the bank and its customers. The bank was also able to attribute $362,000 in new annual revenues from this campaign.

Fast, No-cost Solution to Reg E

While other banks were running around implementing new systems – some costing hundreds of thousands of dollars – this bank was able to use FI Works at no additional cost to solve the problem in just a couple weeks. This type of opt-in campaign is also repeatable – the bank can periodically assess debit card customers to look for indications that overdraft is something that they should be using.

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The Proof is in the Numbers

2 Day Set-up

2 Week Campaign

90% Opt-in for Targeted Accounts

$362K in New Annual Revenue