MCIFs vs FI Works

FI Works Statistics

After our recent article, “Are MCIFs Dead?”, we have had many people ask us what the difference is between what we can do and what MCIFs can do. There are a lot of factors that make FI Works different.

Data Analytics

Integrated data across your silos all in one convenient location.

Clean, consistent, and correct data each day. 

Scoreboards and dashboards monitor performance & communicate strategy at a glance.
See profitability and drill into the details.

Marketing Automation

Manage, track, and automate your campaigns in one place. 

Identify qualified targets for campaigns with advanced statistical and machine learning.

No need for a data scientist – powerful and user-friendly analytics tools are built right in.

Sales & Service 

Guide bankers on exactly what to work on to grow revenue and relationships.
Personal and work queues and workflows manage daily activities.

See a full view of your best sales opportunities with automated daily data updates. 

What makes us different?

We’ve made the hardest stuff easy. 

High Touch Customer Service Gear


You never have to talk to a machine to get help. We do most of the hard work for you at no extra cost.

We solve the data dilemma.


We consolidate and cleanse customer data from all your silos every day and integrate it with prospect lists. 

We make intelligent targeting easy.


Our predictive analytics engine identifies highly qualified targets for sales and retention campaigns. 

We drive high-performance behavior.


The targeted work queues, scorecards, and dashboards drive high performance for marketing and front-line sales. 

MCIFs vs FI Works:

CategoryMCIFFI Works
DataMonthly updates Daily updates
Data IntegrationOften limited to the core systemExtensive integration of core, digital, and other lines of business
Data Analysis Basic reporting Scorecards, Dashboards, and Reports
Sharing InformationEmailed reports and spreadsheets Enterprise-wide Scorecards and Dashboards
Targeting Basic queries and list generation Intelligent targeting with machine learning
Marketing AutomationExtracting lists for 3rd parties Complete automation of customer experience programs
Email AutomationNo email marketing tools Integrated email marketing engine with automation
Integrated CRMIsolated from CRM systems Integrated CRM
Services Extra costs Included (data integration, dashboard creation, modeling, campaign setup)