FI Works Announces Partnership with First Community Bank & Trust

LITTLE ROCK, AR – (April 27, 2021) – FI Works is excited to announce a new partnership with First Community Bank and Trust of Beecher, Illinois. 

First Community Bank and Trust has deployed the FI Works platform. The FI Works platform includes data integration, analytics, scorecards, dashboards, CRM, and targeted marketing campaigns.

 “We are thrilled about our partnership with First Community Bank and Trust, and we are looking forward to helping them maintain and grow their customer relationships”. said Keith Henkel, CEO of FI Works. “FCBT is focused on meeting the financial needs of their community and we are grateful to be a part of that”.

FI Works’ data solution helped our bank to gain more knowledge about our customers which has allowed us to create better targeted marketing campaigns” said Karen Burgess, Chief Intelligence Officer. “All of that information is then accessible in their streamlined CRM solution that all our employees can use. The FI Works team are responsive to both our questions and our suggestions to help make the product even better!” 

First Community Bank and Trust is now able to leverage the results of powerful data analytics to better understand and further support their customer relationships. In addition, FI Works provides them with all the tools they need to target their marketing campaigns and communicate consistently with their customers. Bank management can see everything that’s going on in the bank as well as accurately measure the results of campaigns, all in one convenient location.

About FI Works

FI Works™ provides a complete sales and marketing software solution for financial institutions. It includes advanced predictive modeling of extensive customer, market and prospect data to drive smarter campaigns that target customers with the greatest propensity to buy. No other solution provides this kind of intelligent targeting that fills front-line work queues with leads that drive such a high success rate. Bankers love FI Works because the easy-to-use workflows, scorecards and dashboards show them exactly what to work on every day to grow revenue and customer relationships while tracking their performance against goals.

About First Community Bank and Trust

Headquartered in Beecher, Illinois, First Community Bank and Trust is a community bank that offers a wide range of services. They have been serving their community since 1916 and are committed to enabling their customers to attain their financial goals.