Green Bank Goes Live with FI Works for Sales and Marketing

Green Bank

LITTLE ROCK, AR – (March 1, 2018) – FI Works announced today that Green Bank N.A., headquartered in Houston, Texas with over $4.1 billion in assets, has deployed FI Works’ innovative sales and marketing platform.

FI Works has been providing marketing services to Green Bank for several years to identify opportunities and help them grow their business. These services include data integration, predictive analytics, and campaign management. Before that, Green Bank was unable to intelligently target the right offers to the right customers and prospects.

“Banks everywhere are looking for innovative ways to grow”, said Keith Henkel, CEO of FI Works. “We are very excited about expanding our partnership with Green Bank. In addition to providing marketing services, we will also provide their bankers with the tools they need to precisely target communications and opportunities with their customers.”

“FI Works’ unique technologies and services helped us generate over $50 million in new deposits last year” said Mike Barone, SVP of Marketing and Branding. “We are now expanding the use of this powerful platform to our branches to identify, target, and execute opportunities that will help us grow our customer relationships”.

Green Bank is now able to leverage the results of powerful data analytics to drive daily activities in their branches. FI Works is also providing on-boarding and other engagement programs to ensure consistent and relevant conversations with their customers. Bank executives now have the required visibility into daily performance and behavior to ensure the success of these programs.

About FI Works

FI Works™ provides a complete software solution for bank sales and marketing that outperforms any other offering in the industry. It includes advanced predictive modeling of extensive customer, market and prospect data to drive smarter campaigns that target customers with the greatest propensity to buy. No other solution provides this kind of intelligent targeting that fills front-line work queues with leads that drive such a high success rate. Bankers love FI Works because the easy-to-use workflows, scorecards and dashboards show them exactly what to work on every day to grow revenue and customer relationships while tracking their performance against goals.

About Green Bancorp Inc. and Green Bank, N.A.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Green Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ:GNBC) is a bank holding company that operates Green Bank in the Houston and Dallas metropolitan areas and Austin, Louisville and Honey Grove.  Commercial-focused, Green Bank is a nationally chartered bank regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a division of the Department of the Treasury of the United States.