Seneca Savings Selects FI Works for Sales and Marketing

LITTLE ROCK, AR – (July 16, 2021) – FI Works is pleased to announce its new partnership with Seneca Savings of Baldwinsville, New York.

Seneca Savings has chosen the FI Works platform for data analytics, marketing automation, and sales & service (CRM) tools.

“We are thrilled about this new partnership opportunity,” said Keith Henkel, FI Works CEO. “Seneca Savings wants to enhance the communities they serve and make a positive impact and we are thankful they chose us to help them do that”

“I think the many different features resolve a lot of our problems, and I’m excited to see where FI Works can take us,” stated Joseph Vitale, Chief Executive Officer at Seneca Savings. “FI Works integrates into our core and uses data analytics to create many new opportunities for us. It has a great reporting capacity (along with scorecards and dashboards) as well as marketing analysis and gives us the ability to score, track and do referrals all in one place.”

Seneca Savings will leverage FI Works’ data-driven capabilities like predictive analytics, intelligent targeting, and CRM to reach the right customer with the right product at the right time. Additionally, they will be able to track and monitor progress across the bank with advanced reporting tools so they can optimize branch performance. Work queues, scorecards, and dashboards will help them drive higher-performance sales and marketing.

About FI Works

FI Works™ provides a complete sales and marketing software solution for financial institutions. It includes advanced predictive modeling of extensive customer, market, and prospect data to drive smarter campaigns that target customers with the greatest propensity to buy. No other solution provides this kind of intelligent targeting that fills front-line work queues with leads that drive such a high success rate. Bankers love FI Works because the easy-to-use workflows, scorecards, and dashboards show them exactly what to work on every day to grow revenue and customer relationships while tracking their performance against goals.

About Seneca Savings

Seneca Savings is based out of Baldwinsville, New York. They have served their communities in New York state for 94 years. At their core, Seneca Savings’ goal is to provide an extraordinary customer and employee experience, enhance the communities they serve, and make a positive impact every day.